Apr 17

…and my eyes and hands and mind can turn and soften, and my songs will be softer, and lightly weight the air. 

Apr 15

… The American people are more propagandized than anybody on the planet. They know less about their history and culture than most people do. They don’t think so, ‘cause they have all kinda gadgets an stuff, but, in the real world, they are programmed to see the world almost exactly to opposite as it is. 

Apr 12

… We witnessed, I and the inmates witnessed, Saturday afternoon, the National Guardsmen and state police, shoot into a slow moving vehicle that contained two men two women and a child, throw the man and the woman with the child in her arms, against the wall. And drag the woman out of the car who had been shot and mortally wounded. They were doing nothing but moving slowly, up New Street, Newark.

Apr 9

Be serious. It’s about your ideology. Not just your gender, not just your nationality, about your ideology. And not only about your ideology, but what you do !  The highest form of knowing, is doing. 

Apr 8

1960, something. (now) 1960 now. 

Apr 7

Life, electric bird, life— it means forever. 

Apr 6

(Source: afamousblues)

Apr 6

…Insofar as we are real poets, we are committed to the welfare of the people, of all the people, but we don’t always read this welfare as simply as politicians might. My whole effort is to try to bear witness to something which  will  have to be there when the storm is over. 

Apr 2

Let your music forever be heard. 

Apr 1

But DuBois said that the Black people in the United States suffer from that Double Consciousness. … To see yourself, through the eyes of people that hate you, to look at yourself with that mixture of amusement and contempt, look at them flicks/funny niggas: House Party 1 and 2, Mo Money, In Living Color, all of that garbage, all of that Step and Fetch it stuff that’s come back on us… 

Mar 31

Rejoice, a new and wonderous era has begun. An age of beauty, of fulfillment, of ecstasy. An awakening of the eagerness of old, wherein a magic pulse beats out the message of the universe. Hear, sense, feel, embrace with all your being and soul all seeing. Attune, to the awakening. 

Mar 30

Tonight we’re lucky to have with us, probably the most language oriented of all graffiti artists in New York…

Mar 28

Immortality to the people. Every man a god.  How we got to be a god. Well, to put it apple pie country simple, by doing our job and doing it well. 

Mar 26

He’s something like a king looking for a kingdom. 

Mar 16

May there be peace and love and perfection throughout all creation.