Sep 17

…All praises due to the sun and the sun’s sun. All praises due to the doctrine. All praises due to the leader. All praises due to the organization. All praises due to the value system, the indestructible Nguzo Saba: Seven is One and One is Seven. All praises due the advocates of Kawaida. (repeat.) 

Sep 15

Well, as the old baptist preacher says, where I come from I’m glad to be here. This first poem is a folk poem and um, it’s a parody. … 

*** Excerpt from my new podcast for Fence/Afrosonics: an oral history of eavesdropping, ancient to the future. Liner notes to follow. Full ‘cast here:

Sep 12

Now here’s a book called “Ark of Bones” by Hank Dumas. Now Hank Dumas was one of the most unique writers that America has ever produced, and, uh, he was supposedly killed by a policeman. 

Sep 10

When the sky was far away, when humans had faces, when the world minded its own business, and poetry was a dream that left no footprints. I used to be ignorant, and thought I could live without killing. I used to be quiet, I used to look at things, and wonder… That was before the war, before the other war, and war before that. 

Sep 9

Alright, any level? Ok. Let’s read this. Let us hope that the whores of evil no longer loiter on the doorsteps of your path, beckoning you into the brothel of despair, and that here and after, you may present them, with the most rigid manifestation, of a firm and manly will.

                                                                      Praised be honey at the source.

Sep 4

From the lowroad of man’s inhumanity to man to the highroad of peace and brotherhood. 

Sep 4

The show is all there is. And the bravos/ bravos. You give the people what they want, Bobby. Give them a miracle. Give them Hollywood. 

Sep 2

It was all yellow again and brand new. 

Aug 30

Charlie, what do you remember of your, of your, your father, was he, was he around when you were growing up?  Some of the time. He died was I was —   What sort of work was he in? He was a waiter on a train, went from Kansas City to Chicago, Los Angeles, back, father, Texas, back. He sure was a well tutored guy, he spoke two/three languages. Yeah? Did he play any instruments? Nah. He was a dancer in his real young years. 

Aug 20

What we see now is nothing less than an occupation. 

Aug 19

Most certain/ I got the picture. All over Europe they got the angel Michael, who is white, with his wings, and his sword, standing over a black man that’s laying down on a pit of fire with the fire on his back, and Michael’s foot is on his head. And the black man got dragon wings, got wings too

Aug 17

Right on! Right on! … I’m not gonna lie to you like the rest of those motherfuckers. I’m not promising you a chicken in every pot. I’m not coming to you with a heavy heart. I’m not promising to make every goddamn thing perfectly clear… 

Aug 11

Dropped in the lap of Camelot Jackie all shell-shocked— Let us go into the house of the jackpot and the lucky winner. 

Aug 3

Many white people and many black people chained together in time and in space and by history, and all of them in a hurry, in a hurry to get away from each other he thought—

Jul 26

Black survival.