Jul 26

Black survival. 

Jul 23

They dream

They dream 

They dream     They dream  only 

                         They dream on we     They dream on we   they dream on we                      

                          They dream only of America      

                                                       They dream only of a miracle  

                                         They dream on, we   

They dream 

They dream

Jul 22

That line, 24A in Plato’s Apology, it’s fearless speech, unintimidated speech, that’s the cause of my unpopularity. I got some plain speech about this catastrophe of Palestinians, linked to, not just the US empire, but linked to the cowardliness of autocratic Arab countries, who are tied to big oil interests, It’s not just the pro-Israli lobby in the conservative sense, it’s the big oil dictation that allows for the Arab complacency and subservience, even as they talk about their concern with the  ….  Then we had to march again just to use the word occupation in the newspaper, then they didn’t wanna call it a wall—

Jul 18

My father was a monster. So the whole world compared to my father, is very mild. I’m a lucky man. 

Jul 16

Everybody watches as frustrated pigs look on from unmarked cars, and black militant faces mirror back their stare… Everybody watches as Jew generals assure the world….Watchin, watchin, watchin

Jul 10

…Well I want you to take this ex-cannibal’s kiss and turn it into a revolution. 

                                                         A     R e v o l u t i o n      

Jul 9

Here, in the deepening blue of our corruption, let love be at least one corruption we chose together. 

Jul 8

… My mother sang like a dream…. and the way she sang everything… people used to come to town to hear her, and, she sang all day. There was a time when people used to walk around singing, before radios, and before television, walk up and down the street you’d hear people singing, or in the back yard, or in the kitchen

Jul 6

Conjured/ She done put here little hands on the back of my head… she done been in my arms twil the break of day … 

Jul 3

The strong men keep coming on 

The strong men keep coming on 

The strong men keep coming on

Jul 1

… To talk about something like that, Sam Cooke was my hero, and he still is, and he used to always say, if you ever make it in this business man, make sure you buy you a good ring and a nice watch… cause you might have to pawn your way out of the city to get to the next gig. You notice all soul singers got rings and watches on… 

Jun 27

…. There are a couple of things  that maybe I’d like to see once …  I’ve seen the stars and the moon and the sun and I remember my mother …

just for once …. like my kids for instance. 

Jun 25

Is there and an explanation of Adulrahman Awlaki, the 16 year old boy who was born in Denver, who was out actually looking in the desert for his dad, and was killed two weeks after his father was killed? 

Jun 24

A nigger knight, a nigger joy, (I am your son, white man) a little yellow bastard boy.  

What’s the body of your mother? 

Silver moonlight everywhere

What’s the body of your mother? 

Sharp pine scent in the evening air. 

Jun 22

I say I’m goin to Texas black mama, just to hear the wild ox moan. And if he moan don’t suit me lordie, I’m gon’ to bring that wild ox home.