May 27 -

Are Black musicians, genetically, better than White musicians, get me in trouble? Not/knot better. But they play different. White musicians seem to lag behind the beat, ya know, I don’t know why. Cause black musicians hurt more? What do you mean hurt more? I mean is it…? It’s not that cliche. I mean, it’s not that easy to say that, because you came out of slavery, you play on the beat? Nah, nah, nah nah nah , that has nothing to do with it. (interviewer laughs awkwardly) he! alright! I told a school teacher of mine like that in Julliard. She started talkin’ about um… ‘well, you know, the Black people bonded at night, and they just… and they say that’s where the Blues come from.’ So I raised my hand, I said, listen. My father’s rich, my mamma’s good lookin, and I can play the Blues. I’ve never suffered, and don’t intend to suffer.

  • Miles Davis
  • Because you came out of slavery, you play on the beat?
  • Beautiful Voices Project


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